Are you considering using a freight forwarder for your business import and export needs? If you’re unsure whether you need a freight forwarding company to help with the transportation of goods, take a look at our extensive guide below. We go into detail about what freight forwarding is, the different services available and the benefits to you.

At Seaspace International, we’re experts in all things freight forwarding, so are perfectly placed to help your business with international freight.

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What is freight forwarding?
Freight forwarding is the transportation of goods from one destination to another. A freight forwarder is a specific company that undertakes this type of work and offers a range of services that ensure the smooth transportation and international shipping of your goods.

This involves speaking to key contacts at ports and organising the efficient and cost effective shipment of goods across the world. This can be a very time consuming and complicated task, so outsourcing to experts can really take the stress away from you.

Time efficient

With expert knowledge of processes and documentation needed for countries across the world, freight forwarders are able to quickly and easily arrange your goods transportation and shipment worldwide. This can be time consuming if trying to organise it yourself and if you have other business focuses, it can cause a lot of stress.

Outsourcing to a dedicated freight forwarding company like Seaspace International will allow you to focus on what really matters for your business and not worry about international trade, customs clearance or customs documentation.


Cost effective

Freight forwarders have close connections at ports all over the world and at shipping companies, which means they’re able to effectively negotiate shipping costs for you. As well as this, their knowledge of customs clearance and shipping regulations means that you’ll avoid delays or extra charges to your shipments, as your goods will all be compliant with the local rules and regulations.

Expert knowledge

Freight forwarders have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to importing and exporting goods worldwide and are always up to date on the changing landscape of the shipping industry. This gives you peace of mind that your goods are in safe hands and will arrive at their final destination in a timely and safe manner.

Full package of services

If you need help with all aspects of goods transportation, then a freight forwarder is the ideal solution. You can have your goods stored securely until they’re ready to be shipped and then know that your shipment is being handled professionally throughout the whole process.

If you need help with only a few areas of the supply chain, then this is also available too. You can choose which areas you need help with, whether that be transport or customs clearance, and take the stress out of your hands.

One main point of contact

One of the most complicated parts of dealing with cargo shipments yourself is the number of people you need to speak to throughout the supply chain in order to arrange for the safe travel of your goods. When using a freight forwarder, you will only deal with one main point of contact, who will then speak to the relevant people to arrange your shipment.

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